Vanilla Plus Server Rules & Terms of Use

This list may not address all types of behaviour. We have the right to amend, update, or alter this document at any time. If we alter one of the following rules, we will notify all players. The GM team may take alternative actions than stipulated in these terms of use, as they are entrusted with making decisions on unique situations.

By joining Vanilla Plus, you agree to the following terms and fair play:

Chat Abuse

Language. Since there are many languages in the world, we have chosen English as the main language to be used in any channels hosted/created by Vanilla Plus, such as world chat.

Any forms of the following chat will warrant suspension or closing of account:

Other types of chat violations that can lead to warnings, suspension, or termination are:

RMT (Real Money Trading)

The sale of accounts, currency, items, or services in game for monetary gain is strictly prohibited and will result in the closure of involved accounts.

Loot Distribution Issues

Ninja-looting. We will not be involved in most inter-player disputes on loot. However, there are rare occasions where we will investigate and assist: If the raid leader has clearly defined the loot rules prior to the raid/group, and they break their own rules. This would be cause for a GM to investigate.

Loot mis-distribution. Loot that is assigned to the wrong person by a Loot Master, or incorrect rolls, can only be redistributed if the following is true:

Deleted item restoral. If you accidentally delete an item, we can restore it as long as the following is true:

Cheating, Botting, Modifications & Third-Party Programs

We are committed to providing a cheat-free environment. Our anti-cheat is capable of detecting all cheats and modifications to client files that benefit in game characters. Usage of any cheats or non-cosmetic modifications will lead to account closure. The use of third party programs to automate the control or actions on your character is considered botting, and will result in account suspension. In-game macros are not considered botting, as long as you are initiating the macro and it is not automated.


Multi-boxing is the act of controlling multiple WoW clients at the same time. Whether it be multiple clients open on one machine, or using multiple machines. In general, multi-boxing is against the rules on Vanilla Plus. However there are exceptions below. Multi-boxing encourages the use of botting and leads to our server being flooded with gold and account sellers, which ruins the gaming experience. However, there is one exception to this rule. You can have two characters logged in at the same time, but they:

Interactions with Staff

Vanilla Plus staff are players, just like you. We love the game too, and although our staff has to make tough decisions sometimes — we are still human. Please be respectful to staff: they're working hard to bring you a great game. Safe journeys on Vanilla Plus!

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